Flexidink was born out of the idea that ‘Design is a part of human life’, research has shown that the human brain is wired around pattern recognition, especially creative designs. From the snacks we eat to what we wear, design is integrated into our lifestyle.

We believe this shouldn’t be seen as a craft to some set of special people, for this reason, we are democratizing it. We are empowering people with easy-to-use tools, that would turn them into a fashion Plate, thereby bringing out the creativity in them.

We are eliminating the need for them to be a complainer by putting our tools in their hand, and also helping them in bringing their ideas to life. Also, we help them in selling their ideas and attributing it to them.


Our vision is to create a better everyday reason to be a fashion plate.


Our company, Flexidink, existed from an esprit team for a lofty objective: to inspire everyone through a wide range of well-designed, and easy to use design tools that combine creativity with uniqueness, for making spruce apparels and also helping them sell their ideas.


We handle design and customization works for companies, organizations, individuals, profit and non-profits, by providing them with easy-to-use tools to keep their ideas in their hand.

We also have a network of designers who can help with your design works, suits of nice patterns from which our customers can choose from.

Also, we deliver the products ordered by them in 3 days, depending on the urgency of its need.